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Our Story: After meeting in graduate school at UGA, we were married in 2011 in Marietta, Georgia. A year later, we joined the Peace Corps as environmental conservation volunteers and embarked on our adventure in Paraguay!

Disclaimer: The contents of this blog are ours personally and do not reflect any position of the U.S. government or the Peace Corps.

November 29, 2011


We put both our packets in the mail today!

We received our packets about a week ago in the mail. They were stuffed with information and additional paper work we needed to submit.

Here are a few of the things they requested:

  • Fingerprint charts (We went to the Sanibel Island Police Department for these)
  • National Agency Check Form (a waiver for a background check)
  • Reference Label Sheet (indicates our three references and includes contact information)
  • Marriage License
  • Couple Questionnaire
  • College Transcripts (can be unofficial)
Additionally, an email from our recruiter requested:
  • Skill Addenda (Sarah's was environmental education; Ben's were environmental education, business development, and education)
  • Financial Obligations Form (Ben)
  • Masters International Acceptance Letter (Sarah)
  • We also included copies of our relevant certifications
To keep things organized, we topped it off with a table of contents sheet. Hopefully, that will help our recruiter sort through all the paperwork. Soon we will schedule an interview!

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