Our Story

Our Story: After meeting in graduate school at UGA, we were married in 2011 in Marietta, Georgia. A year later, we joined the Peace Corps as environmental conservation volunteers and embarked on our adventure in Paraguay!

Disclaimer: The contents of this blog are ours personally and do not reflect any position of the U.S. government or the Peace Corps.

May 28, 2012

¿Vamos a México?


BIG UPDATE: Last Thursday, our Placement Officer called us with an exciting opportunity. The Peace Corps would like us to apply for an incredible program that works with the National Parks Service/ EPA equivalent in Mexico. This position is a little more structured and would have a larger impact than the typical Peace Corps assignment. The nature of this program requires us to undergo an additional application and interview process. Our placement officer believes we are strong candidates for the position, and we should find out if we are accepted by the end of this month. If we are accepted, we are scheduled to depart as soon as August 27th. If we are not accepted, we will still be considered for Fall departure, but will most likely be headed to Sub-Saharan Africa.

We are really excited about this opportunity, but it will definitely impact our October wedding plans. After careful consideration, we have decided to move our wedding up to Saturday, August 18th.  We know this is a drastic change, and we hope everyone will do their best to be there with us to celebrate our wedding and journey to the Peace Corps together. 

Thank you so much for your flexibility and understanding!

Next Steps: Interview for Mexico (June 15-June 20)

May 16, 2012


Ben and I awoke this morning to find our Peace Corps Application Status had been updated. We have officially passed the rigorous dental review portion of the application process. Our teeth are healthy enough to go abroad!

Additionally, I received an email from the Office of Medical Services indicating a missing lab test for Hepatitis B surface antibody. Although the doctor's office told me they had completed all the required tests, they did not realize that this specific test was not included in their typical Hepatitis panel. I will have to go back to their office next week to get the test done.

On the bright side, we are thrilled that the medical office is even looking at our paperwork this early. Our files are no longer gathering dust. We are one step closer to finding the answer to everyone's favorite question: "Where are you going?" We would love to find out about where you would like to go if you were in our shoes. Share your dream destination with us by completing the poll to the right!

Next Steps: Sarah will complete her missing lab work; Ben gets to wait some more, but will hear from them soon! In the meantime, we are trying our hands at learning Spanish by revisiting my old college textbook.

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