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Our Story: After meeting in graduate school at UGA, we were married in 2011 in Marietta, Georgia. A year later, we joined the Peace Corps as environmental conservation volunteers and embarked on our adventure in Paraguay!

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February 7, 2012

Ben takes the lead

UPS delivered Ben's medical packet safely into the hands of the Peace Corps medical review office. The review process generally takes between  1-6 months depending on the complexity of your health history, the number of applications under review, and the completeness of your submitted information. Although this process may take several months, 85% of applicants who complete the medical evaluation are deemed medically qualified to serve. Once you are qualified, your name is automatically passed to the Placement Office.

Next Steps: Sarah submits medical review packet, and Ben waits.

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  1. Just a little update. I sent mine UPS, and we will be sending Sarah's today that same way. This way you know exactly when they receive it. For example, I sent my packet out Feb. 3rd, and UPS said they received it on Feb 7th. Peace Corps acknowledged receipt of my packet on the 9th. So I think mailing it yourself rather than relying on snail mail gives you just a little more control over the whole process. It's worth the 10 bucks.

    Also, after submitting my portion, My toolkit had checkmarks next to the following items:

    -Peace Corps mailed you a Medical Kit on January 11, 2012. Be sure to schedule your medical appointments immediately so you can submit your medical forms as soon as possible. TIP: Some medical forms, reimbursement forms, and samples of correctly completed forms are available in the Download Center.

    -Peace Corps received the results of your physical exam on February 8, 2012. If the program you are nominated for is not scheduled to leave in the next 4 months you may not hear from Medical until the time of departure is closer. Currently those programs scheduled to leave in the next 4 months are being reviewed. For applicants leaving within 4 months Peace Corps may request additional medical information. Please respond quickly to these requests.

    -There are no legal holds on your account at this time.

    Of particular interest is the second item, which basically says we have to wait until July or August (4 months before our departure date) to hear anything back about our medical paperwork. Hopefully we get in contact with someone before then.

    The following boxes are not checked on my account:

    Peace Corps is currently reviewing your dental documentation.

    Peace Corps is currently reviewing your medical documentation.

    There are no placement holds on your account at this time.

    So there you have it. We will mail off Sarah's packet soon and then it's the waiting game for a while... stay tuned for updates if we hear anything from the Pre-Service Unit.



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